How To Start A Good Conversation

in , by Rejoyce Canaynay, January 24, 2017

Recently I found an article in a magazine that caught my attention. "Talk To Anybody!" is the title of the said article written by Holly C. Corbett in Seventeen Magazine and it's about how you could start a conversation with somebody. This is something I'm not really good at, I could write and express my feeling thru writing easily but I'm having a hard time to start a small conversation with someone personally so this is a bit helpful for me.

Start the conversation...

"Who do you know here?" - Who, why, and how questions require the other person to provide some background info, which gets the ball rolling. Avoid yes or no questions ("Know anyone here?"), since they don't leave the conversation open on the other side.

"That assignment was hard!" -  Commenting on mutual experience invited the other person to add her own take. Even if she thought the assignment was easy, you can say something "I wish I could breeze through it like that!" Just don't make any downer declarations ("I hate this class!") because you may offend her by accident - AP French might be her favourite.

"I love that necklace!" - A sincere compliment puts people at ease and gives them the chance to talk about themselves ("Oh, Thanks! I got it at...") - everyone's favourite topic!

That's it! It's all simple questions that might help you start that conversation. I hope this topic helped you as well. Do keep this in mind: Be brave enough to start a conversation, who knows the next stranger you'll talk too will totally change your life. :)
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