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I don't remember anymore how many times I did a blog entry about my USA trip that happened 6 years ago. I first posted it on my Tumblr which I did a few times then I edited it when I transferred to my self-hosted site and here I am now doing it again because I lost everything when I was in my last platform site. Anyway, talking about it, I hope this is the last time I'll be posting this because I keep on missing the place every time.

Anyway, when I was still studying back in college, an opportunity to work overseas presented itself. I have always wanted to try different things and get out of my comfort zone and so I applied for it without hesitation. Luckily, I got accepted and worked at The Lodge, a 114-room lodge situated at Bryce Canyon, Utah.

Bryce Canyon, Utah. I got to spend three months in this wonderful place that I still miss up until now. This place was one of the most life-changing experiences in my life that I will forever treasure. I pray I could come back here and visit the familiar view I once called home. I'll tell you more about my Utah experience in the next upcoming posts so watch out for it. :)

Las Vegas, Nevada. After my contract ended in Bryce Canyon, I used my remaining weeks left to roam around with friends and visit some relatives. Since Nevada is our drop-off place, we stayed here for a night and explore the City of Sin.

These people are the ones I'm with during the trip. We decided to explore the city and have fun together before we part ways to visit friends and relatives. The girl on the left and the guy are both Thais while the girl in the middle is my colleague.

Los Angeles, California. After a night in the City of Sin, we headed to California and stayed in Hollywood for a night. We got to see some of the popular sites but a day in the city is totally not enough for us.

San Diego, California. It was sunny but cold weather in San Diego when I got there. I stayed in a family friend's house for a couple of days and I'm so grateful to them that they welcomed me into their home and treat me very well. I may not get the chance to explore the city but I enjoyed the company of the people I'm with.

This is just a brief summary of my stay in the US and I will tell you more about it in my upcoming post, but for now, I'm just gonna share this short introduction of my American dream. Enjoy!

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  1. Still a dream to travel to the US! :) Love love love the photos, Rej!

    xx jhanzey.net