On the Road Again Tour 2015:One Direction Live in Manila

in , by Rejoyce Canaynay, April 03, 2017

I can't wait for Coldplay! I'm so excited, I can't hide it! My music playlist is on Coldplay repeat, on repeat button! Hahaha! And before I hear them sing live tomorrow let me tell you my first ever concert I attended. 

It's been years already since One Direction rocked the Philippines with the On The Road Again Tour in Manila and I still remember that concert like it was just a few weeks ago. I can't believe that their's no 1D anymore, Niall and Zayn's both have a single album already and I heard Harry will release his first single album too but who miss them sing altogether, as a group? because I do! Tho I'm glad we can still them on TV. 

Look at the line few meters from the venue before the concert started, I think they've waited in their for hours just to get the best seat inside the concert grounds. 

Look at the crowd in the Gold area. Just WOW! We were seated at the far side when we got to the venue because of course best seats are all taken by this bunch of people.

We were in the Gold area of the concert which is actually a little too far from the stage, I can't really see them clearly since well, we were very far but I was actually hoping to even slightly clearly see the boys so I'm glad I brought my telescope with us so I could see them and what's happening in the stage area.

I was hoping to see Zayn because he was my first love when the group was on launch in TV then after I saw the music video of Night Changes my heart changes as well and fall inlove with Harry but during this concert, I notice how humble and connected Liam to his fans. From then on, he got my heart.

Everyone is screaming to see Zayn Malik but he didn't show up. If I remember it right, Manila is their second to the last concert and it's so disappointing to realized that we almost, almost got to see him until he decided to have a break from the tour. Even so, the boys did very well during the concert even though Zayn wasn't there.

This concert will always be a memorable one since it's my very first concert I attended and an experience where we are also so soaked wet the whole time because the rain keeps on pouring. 

Best Song Ever was the last song they performed then fireworks to end the concert. I hope and still hoping for a comeback but I guess there won't be a nextime since they part ways already. I guess we just have to hope and see! 

Nostalgic feels! 

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