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Torch was one of the first food blog entry I made before and now I'm rewriting this again because I don't want to forget the first time I've tried their food. I got to try this restaurant when we watched Fast and Furious 7 (how long was it already?). Anyway, the restaurant has a wide selection of food from Filipino, American, Italian to Japanese, so you'll definitely love this place if you want to try different cuisine in one sitting.

Looking Back at my Bloggers United Timeline

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And it's that time of the year again when our favourite bloggers/influencers gather all in one special day just to meet and greet their ever supportive readers and to share what's on their very own closet to sell. Thanks to Bloggers United for making this possible!

I'm a constant reader of famous influencers ever since I started blogging so I'm not really sure how many BU installment I've been too just to see them personally. And I'm pretty sure that I still wouldn't miss the Bloggers United XIII especially that they have new participants that I want to meet and greet as well. And since it's gonna be in a few weeks time I'm gonna share some photos of mine with my favourite bloggers from the previous installment . To be honest, I can't believe I still got this old photos (thank you Tumblr acct.) and looking back at the photos, I cringe with my look. Hahaha! I definitely look so "nene".

The Jelly Flower Lipstick

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Lets us all appreciate this prettiest and one of the most unique lipsticks ever made! Now I know why it went viral few months ago. This jelly flower lipstick is a beauty brand called Kailijumei. According to my research, it is from a Chinese beauty manufacturer and soon expanded their brand in the US. Anyway aside from its unique appearance, this clear colored lipstick also changes color when you apply it on your lips depending on your body temperature. So cool right?!

We almost made it to LaBoracay 2016

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Labor weekend just ended and so as the LaBoracay party I almost experience just last year. Anyway, I totally forgot to post it during the said weekend so here I am posting it today.

I never thought a second getaway with just friends happened again. I'm just so happy my parents allowed me to do this trip after I went to Bantayan, Cebu a year before with the same group of friends. I guess they realise that I can take care of myself now at this age... or maybe not.