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Torch was one of the first food blog entry I made before and now I'm rewriting this again because I don't want to forget the first time I've tried their food. I got to try this restaurant when we watched Fast and Furious 7 (how long was it already?). Anyway, the restaurant has a wide selection of food from Filipino, American, Italian to Japanese, so you'll definitely love this place if you want to try different cuisine in one sitting.

Torch offer pica-pica after you settled in your seat. I don't actually know what it's called but it tastes like pretzels.

They first served the Torch Signature Roll which we totally love. I'm not really into Japanese food but this one is a must try. And if you are into spicy food, I suggest you order their Volcano Roll.

Looking something different from a pizza? Better try their Philly Cheesesteak Pizza! It's the pizza that I keep on coming back. Theirs no crust in it, the tough is different from an ordinary pizza and it is field with lots of cheese and meat and sauce.

And if you happened to be like my dad who can't live without rice. Do not worry because they serve rice as well. You could order the steak and choose rice as your side dish.

My sister in a food coma! Hope she won't see this or else, she'll definitely take a revenge. lol!

Ever tried this restaurant? Let me know your favourites!
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  1. OMG! I love Torch! We just discovered it a few weeks ago and we've been going once every week! I love their Philly pizza and also their Beef Belly! (not sure about the exact name) I love the photos, Rej!


  2. I've been meaning to try Torch. Try ko nga mga shinare mo. LELS