Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) at Seoul, South Korea

in , , by Rejoyce Canaynay, August 16, 2017

And just like any other day we spent in Seoul, we woke up extra early to visit this place so we could get pictures without people walking around in our photos. We didn't even take our breakfast yet just to be here really early and all is worth as you can see in the photo above, only a few people walking by early that morning. 

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza or known as DDP is "the biggest three-dimensional atypical building in the world" according to the Seoul Design Foundation's website. It is also the most tagged place on Instagram in Korea back in 2015. DDP is famous with its spaceship design like building that is used for multi-purpose convention and exhibition hall.

It is located in Dongdaemun district, Seoul. You can get there by subway, just get off at Dongdaemun History & Cultural station then exits 1.

Zaha Hadid is the famous architect who designed this futuristic landmark and we totally felt like we live in the future with all the silver/gray color around and the futuristic structure, curve shape building we don't usually see.

And if you love looking at Korean fashion, you might notice that many fashion bloggers take their picture-perfect ootd shot here because it has lots of photo-worthy corners and it is also because it is the home of Seoul Fashion Week.

And since we are extra early, we aren't able to enter the hall. Shops and the hall itself is still closed so we didn't have any other choice but to just take photos outside and appreciate the place. Anyway, since we still haven't taken our breakfast, we left the place after some time to ate breakfast at Bo's coffee just across the road.

By the way, aside from being famous for its 3-D design, exhibitions, and conventions, this place is also known for having a one-of-a-kind flower garden with thousands of LED flower lights. Unfortunately, after taking breakfast and us being already overwhelmed with the whole structure of the place and the photos we took already, we totally forgot about the LED flower which leads us to not being able to see the garden.

And while I was doing this entry and blog hopping about this place, I realized that DDP is much more beautiful to visit at night because you can see the LED flowers are all lit and the lights in the whole place compliment the structure of the building. 

So I suggest visiting this place around sunset to be able to do both your ootd shot in time for the golden hour as well as seeing the amazing lights you can view at night and of course, shops and halls are already and still open. Now I have a more reason to visit Korea again.
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  1. I agree, futuristic nga ang dating nya! I think nakita ko na to sa mga IG photos, or baka sa mga pinapanood kong kdrama or variety shows haha infairness talagang effort pumunta ng maaga para sa photos! hehe uy rej gawa ka mga OOTD, ganda ng fashion mo! :)