I Experience Snow For The First Time

in , , , by Rejoyce Canaynay, October 31, 2017

"It snowing! Let's go out and play!" Finally, for the first time, I saw little flakes of white snows everywhere while it's falling down from the sky. The snow was floating in the air like a feather and it slowly kissed my skin. It was one of those memorable moments of my life, which I'll be forever remembered.

It was a dream come true and a cross mark to my bucket list and to my friends as well to finally experience snow. It may not be a big deal for others who see nothing unusual in falling snow because they see it often but for us living in a tropical, summer-like year long country who only experience rainy and sunny weather, snow is something we wished to see and experience. If you live in the Philippines like me or in Thailand like my friends, you'll probably agree, right?

Anyway, everything got covered with white flakes when it started to snow, it was beautiful indeed. I actually got so amazed and mesmerized when it started snowing that I hurriedly took my camera with me and started taking pictures because I wanted to capture the moment even though it's so foggy outside. I can't help it, I just have to take the opportunity to take photos. Hahaha. I can't really tell how overwhelmed I was that time, all I know is that it excites me to finally feeling the snow straight from the sky.

And since it's snowing and was really cold outside obviously, we decided to wore our extra covered winter outfits, put on boots and scarf and went out to play. The moment I got out from our room, every step I take feels like I'm crunching the snow below my boots and something freezing is kissing my cheeks, it was a happy feeling indeed. I may have seen snow and touched it the day I arrived in Bryce but experiencing while it's happening is a totally different feeling and definitely much exciting.

And for all these photos, it happened in the month of May, which is probably the last snowfall before summer starts. Because as you can see, winter season in Utah starts from the month of November to February and the park only offers limited services and the majority of Bryce Canyon Lodge is closed. Its probably because winter is cold dropping into sub-zero temperatures during those months. It resumes its operation on the month of March.

January is the start of work for the employees as it is the month they start to generally clean the whole lodge for the reopening operation. My classmate and my other Asian co-workers got here early February and as for me, middle of April I believe. And since I got here a month late, I wasn't able to experience the snowstorm or the heavy snowfall my friends got to experience, this is the closest I could experience to heavy snow. Hahaha! They said that they go to work snowing almost everyday to the point that it is as high as your knees and you can't see your way because of it.

And although they said March is the snowiest month, the area can still have snowstorms from October through April and occasional snowfall during early days of May which happened here. If I remember it right, this snow lasted for a week with a moderate snowfall before it started to get hotter. Summer season in Utah starts in the month of June and it can be moderately hot with low humidity making it feel hotter than you actually think it is. So better bring a lot of sunscreens if you are going here during summer.

You can visit this site for a much accurate weather guidelines in Bryce Canyon or you can simply Google the weather before driving up to the mountain. Okay?!

It was a really great day because everyone is suddenly off-duty so we were able to enjoy the group while taking pictures and making memories. I'm pretty thankful that I have this bunch of people because it did make my stay in the US more fun and memorable. Its been six long years since this moment and I've been to different countries in that span of years already but I haven't experienced winter season yet again but I'm hoping it will happen anytime soon, it may not be in the same place but I will see it again... soon. CLAIMING IT!!
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  1. OMG SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!! That's like one of my dreaaaaams. I do get colds easily so I dont know how long I can go out in the snow T^^T

  2. Ang saya!!!! I'm still dreaming of witnessing snow myself. Someday, someday! :)

    xx jhanzey.net

  3. This is also on the top 10 of my bucketlist!! I'm just not sure how good I'll fare to that weather haha. I'd probably be a little popsicle during winter. Hoping that I get to see one on my next travel!

    xx, Richel V. | richelvergara.com

  4. So much fun in one blog post! I hope I get to experience snow very soon too hehe :)