Christmas Wants for 2017 and New Year Goals

in , , by Rejoyce Canaynay, December 13, 2017

It's that time of the year again where I list down my goals, wants, wishlist and the like for either Christmas present or my New Year items I set my savings for. Well, it's actually a yearly thing on my blog that I write down what I want so I won't forget it all and I'll be motivated to save up until I get before the year ends. And for the past few years, I usually put on my list a nice laptop, a camera, and mostly some expensive luxury items which I know I can't afford and probably won't buy anytime soon. For this year I decided to just write down the achievable things I can get within a year which I list down below. I know some things or probably most of this can't be a gift by someone and definitely not necessary but it is something I could work hard for until the end of the year.

Fujifilm X-T20 Mirrorless Camera

Well, I have always been undecided which mirrorless camera I should get for a couple of years already, my blogger friends and siblings know it very much. And now I've finally decided to get the Fujifilm XT20 camera because you just cannot go wrong with it. I was sold when everyone in the family chooses this over what I decided to get in the first place. I guess this camera needs to wait a little bit more since I needed to extra save up for its price.

Get my hand on these Makeup Brands:
  • Too faced - who wouldn't love their sweet chocolate smell palettes, right?!
  • Urban Decay - if you've seen all my old list I always write down the Naked palette because it is that palette, that palette everyone should have. A makeup lover know why!
  • Glossier - I already have few of their products and I loved it! And because I love it that much I also want to try the others as well.
  • Becca - Foundation, concealer, and highlighter. Can have it, please!?
  • Tarte - their most talk about concealer might be the solution to cover up my zombie-like eye bags. Hahaha!

Fitbit Watch

Because I want to motivate myself to workout. Hahaha! Thank goodness, an Anytime Fitness gym is about to open in a few months near my place. 2018 should be my year to be fit and healthy!

Black Shoes and Boots

Black just compliment on everything. Fact: I never owned a black pair of shoes aside from school shoes and heels back in college.

I either want a Puma Suede Classic or Nike, by the way.

Eyebrow Tattoo / Microblading

They said eyebrows are sisters not twins but why do I feel like mine are cousins? I'm always so uncomfortable with my eyebrows, I feel like everytime I try to fill it up or doll it up nicely I always see it very uneven that I feel so unease with it so when I heard about Microblading I told myself that I'm going to have my brows microblade no matter what.

Laser Hair Removal Session

"When you see hair, its time to Laybare". This is definitely every regular customer of a waxing salon's favorite tagline and I'm definitely one of them. I do waxing every once or twice a month depending on my mood and to be honest I'm getting sick of it already, who wouldn't right? Having that agony of waxing and the pain of having multiple strands of hair is very much tiring and the best and only solution for it is the Laser Hair Removal.

I actually want to do it on my legs which is a bit pricey compared to other services. So I'm just gonna put it on my list for now because I will save up to get this done.

Face Laser Treatment

I already pass the acne phase in my life, thanks to my dermatologist for helping me achieved that clear smooth skin. And since I don't have any problem with getting zits now, I would like to step up the game and focus on getting that fresh looking glow with the help of laser treatment.

How about you, what are your Christmas Wants this coming holiday?

This does not actually a helpful list tips for a person who wants to give me something but rather a list that I want to give to myself. A few things that come to my mind that I really want not just this Christmas but the things I want to achieve in the coming years as well. I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing this at the end of the year next year and see which one I achieved. AJA!

By the way, few more days and we are about to say goodbye to 2017 and another year is about enter, new challenges we are about to face and a new year we're about to cherish. Let's make the last few days 2017 memorable and let's welcome 2018 with a bang. Merry Christmas everyone and a prosperous Happy New Year!
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  1. I want to avail micro-blading soon! My eyebrows are just so meh. Some days, it's like I don't have eyebrows! Other than that, I just reall want some new sheets and towels.

    xo, Richel V. |

  2. Wow! I love your Christmas wish list. Hoping that you will receive most of this items before the year ends.

    Tip: I already tried Laser hair removal and it's actually worth it! I'm already done with my 2nd session and I'm going back on December 22 for my next (3rd) session. :)