The Lonely Tree in Korea

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You probably have seen this tree somewhere on Instagram a few times already while browsing about South Korea and that's because this is a new popular hot spot backdrop for wedding photos and for Koreans millennials as well who love to share their favorite Instagramable photo locations on social media. Wondering where this tree is located? If yes, continue reading to find out where this lovely tree can be seen as this a must-visit if you're going to Korea anytime soon.

Well, this massive tree standing alone in the wide green field of grass is known as "The Lone Tree", "The Single Tree" or "The Lonely Tree" for some people. The names all came from the many visitors to the park as they were referring to the tree that stands alone on the grassy hill. There is still no official name I could find online for the said growing tourist spot, so I guess I'll just leave the name of the spot in the three given names above.

The lovely tree is located in a wide green field of grass inside the Mongchontoseong Fortress in the Olympic Park. I know the park is enormous but you can easily find the tree actually, it is only a few minutes of walk from the station. You just have to look for the widest greeny field in the park and you'll definitely see the tree standing alone in the middle.

And aside from visiting the lovely tree in Olympic Park, there are endless of other things you could to do inside because Olympic Park hence to its name was originally built for the Seoul Olympic Games back in the year 1988 but nowadays it offers a wide range of culture, recreation, and sport, environment, and history. The park not only houses the country's largest sports arena but has also become a place where people can come to relax and unwind.

How to get to Olympic Park Seoul thru Subway:

Olympic Park Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 3.
Mongchontoseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 8), Exit 1.

The park is right in front of you!

The day we visited the park is like any other day we spent in our short trip in South Korea, we also woke up extra early for this location because we wanted to visit this place without any other people wandering around while we take photos and appreciating the beautiful view. And as you can see, our little effort to wake up and leave early yet again is a success, we were the only one in the field and there are only a few people around who are doing their morning exercise.

Anyway, it was actually my brother who found this tree on Instagram while he was searching for some unusual best places to visit in Korea. He found out that this place is located in one of the parks in Seoul so he included this in our itinerary. This place is definitely one of the highlights of our trip because of the absolutely relaxing view, very far from the busy city of Seoul.
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