Bali, Indonesia Pre-Planning and Itinerary

in , , , by Rejoyce Canaynay, March 15, 2018

Six months after we booked a flight to Bali, the five days vacation is finally over! Bali, you are amazingly beautiful! Its already been a week since my trip and I think it is now the time to do some blog work and talk about my recent adventure in that amazing island. Keep reading if you want to know more about our visit to Indonesia.

I was supposed to blog about this on the day of my trip but unfortunately, because I decided not to get a wifi and sim card in Bali this entry got postponed. And since I got really busy also right after the short vacation I only got the chance to post it now. 

Anyway, it all started last September when my friends asked me if I want to join them on a beach trip in Bali because they found a seat sale on Cebu Pacific's website. The fare only cost P5611.50 for a round-trip ticket which I think is very cheap already so I immediately said yes. I'm not sure why I didn't hesitate to say yes right away compared to my previous trips with just friends knowing that my parents may or may not allow me to go. But I'm glad I made that impulsive yes because look at me now, six months after and here I am now blogging about it. So I guess I already reach that phase in life that my parents would allow me to do whatever I want as long as I'm responsible enough for what I do.

And first things first before writing down all the beautiful places we must visit, I booked a room in Grand Mega Resort & Spa Bali in Kuta via We decided to book a hotel instead of booking an Airbnb because as per the advice of my brother, it's safer for us two young ladies to be in a hotel rather than a house with no security and all. I also thought of booking a villa but the time I was looking for a budget-friendly yet still offer good accommodations with a nice view I found none so we end up in a hotel room which is not that bad after all. Well, the room we got is a deluxe double bedroom with breakfast for P7891 for 4 nights or P3945.50 each for 2 people.

After booking all the necessary things to be done, I focused myself on making our four days tour itinerary as this is the most crucial part of the planning. To tell you the truth, I'm usually that person who just go-with-the-flow in whatever my friends or companion decide to do in the tour but since this time I'm the only one who can prepare this, I have no choice but do it myself. Well, it's not really necessary for us to have an itinerary but I want to visit all the must-visit places so I made one.

Anyway, with enough google search and constant blog hopping about Bali, Indonesia I came up with my very own itinerary with all the possible best attractions a tourist must visit in the said country. If you want to see the clear copy of my itinerary just message me and will be glad to share it with you.

So now, let's see what Bali has in-store for us! Ciao!
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  1. Hi Rej!! Can I have a copy of your itinerary? Thank yoooou! Can't wait for your Bali posts! Also, I love your clothes in this photo!! :)