Life Currently: Welcome January!

in , , by Rejoyce Canaynay, January 31, 2019

Telling my story.  Highlight. A catch-up of moments and little things captured and remembered.

Okay, let's start the year right. This first blog entry for 2019 would be a great start, I know it's quite a bit late for a good year start because it's the end of the month already but let's see if I could really keep up on how fast days go by and be consistent on posting monthly. Anyway, even before the year ends last year, I was already thinking of how am I going to be consistent with posting so I searched and found this kind of series. Life currently is a once-a-month series where you document what's happening in our lives currently, obviously.

Of course, New Year's eve comes first. A celebration where we welcome the new year and say goodbye to the previous one. We're not really the type of family who celebrates big Media Noche, we just gather in the dining room in our pajamas before midnight strike, wait for the countdown in the news, lit a fountain firework and eat what our mom prepared.

This is the first of my many "Time for Friends" new years resolution. I met up with my college friends which I haven't seen for God knows when. I'm actually a little bit guilty for only catching up with them thru Facebook so I told myself to not depend on social media anymore but to always find a way to meet with friends and reconnect over coffee or pizza.

My mom's two aunts from Cebu and Australia came to Manila for a few days to visit us so we treat them over dinner in our favorite restaurant in BGC. The food was great but it's not the same without our old time favorite dishes which happened to be not on the menu anymore. According to the waiter, 80% of their menu was changed which is sad because we love their old menu list way better.

This girl drops by the mall because I was there with my brother who is currently doing his tooth pasta. Anyway, even before this day happened we talked about seeing each other monthly and catch-up and I guess this could count as our January meet-up? Hehehe! Happy Birthday, Sha! See you next month?!

I lined up and waited the whole day for our business permit renewal. I got to the city hall around 9AM and finished at around five in the afternoon all alone, guys. I wasn't able to wait for the release of the permit and plate but I successfully did the short but long time procedure. People asked me why I bothered lining up, wait for my papers and do everything by myself if I could ask our liaison to do it for me, well, because I wanted to experience it first hand and blog about the procedure (still thinking if I should blog it).

This is the highlight of my month, definitely! I got to watch a rock concert in my alma mater with my siblings and cousin. We saw Hale, Parokya Ni Edgar and December Avenue perform live. I was not really planning on watching it but thank God I changed my mind because I enjoyed it so much. By the way, you can watch some of my clips from the concert on my Instagram highlight.

And just like that, we're done with the first month of the year and tomorrow will be another month, another day, another adventure and another moment to be captured. So far, so good.

How about you? How's your first month of the year so far? 
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  1. Glad you managed to catch up with your friends! I'm also planning on doing that more. But it's so hard to schedule when everyone's working and has different schedule.

    xo, Richel V.

  2. It feels different I didn't spend NYE with my family! I think maiiyak ako if Miguel wasn't here with me that time. Hahaha.

    Ang tyaga mo mag process ng business permit! How long did you have to wait pala?