Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel - Guest Room Tour

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As much as I wanted to publish a lot of my recent beauty purchases to review and to share my previous trip, I just can't because I still haven't finished a single entry to post. Hahaha! But anyway, I'm finally done with this one that I wrote a few months back.

Anyway, this 4D3N trip was a really short one because we had an afternoon flight going to Japan which I think a real waste of our first day. And since we also got a delayed flight that afternoon, we reach the airport around 7 in the evening. We had a Korean Barbeque buffet for dinner somewhere near the airport and then went straight to the hotel. It was really late when we reach the hotel and checked-in, so that was our first day, a total waste, to be honest.

Just like my Japan trip a few years back, this trip to Osaka, Japan was also sponsored by my aunt and still a tour with the Emperador company for there distillers. It was a very short trip but still a lot of fun. We stayed in Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel, a tube-like tower hotel located in Marubiru, known as one of the symbolic landmark towers in Osaka. You can actually easily spot the hotel from afar because it has a unique cylindrical structure and it is only a few minute walk from JR Osaka Station, which is a very nice location. The hotel is also very close to 3 department stores and a street famous for eating and drinking venues. 

And aside from being close to the main railway station, the hotel is also very accessible to other forms of transportation like the subway station and airport shuttle bus terminal which is directly outside the building.

Since our whole stay in Osaka is arranged and booked by the agency, I'm not really sure what type of room we had. Our guest room is located on the 11th floor of the building and since the building's structure is round, all the rooms are outward-facing, so we really have a nice view outside.

All rooms are air-conditioned and come with TV, refrigerator, nightwear, slippers and free bottled water. There is also a humidifier but I wasn't able to try it because like always, we were always out the whole day and very tired when we get back to the hotel.

And just like any other hotel bathrooms it come supplied with towels, a hairdryer, hairbrush, complimentary toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Can't wait to show you more of my trip in Osaka.

Osaka Dai-chi Hotel
1-9-20 Umeda Kita-ku Osaka 530-0001, Japan
TEL: +81-6-6341-4411 FAX: +81-6-6341-4930
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