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in , by Rejoyce Canaynay, August 06, 2021

Let me breathe first. I think my heart will burst anytime because it's beating really fast as I watch this episode from this series I'm currently watching. Let me just exhale, relax, type something to calm myself before I press the play button again. Hahaha! I'm currently watching "Lovely Writer" if you're wondering and I'm actually almost done with it. Anyway, since I'm binge-watching a Boy Love series and I'm also trying to upload something on my blog why not just share with you the series I watched already. It's like hitting two birds with one stone, right?

Before anything else, let me tell you about it first. To those people who don't know BL Series or Boy's Love Series is a popular drama genre in Thailand where two boys find love in each other and tackle problems about life, love, relationship, and peers. Boy's Love Series actually only gained so much attention in the Philippines just last year during the start of the lockdown because of the hit series of Sarawat and Tine. I'm pretty sure (or probably not) heard of them before. Yes, I'm talking about the Thai BL "2gether: The Series" which is a massive hit in the Philippines when it was aired on Youtube in the early months of the lockdown. You can watch them on Netflix now by the way.

Anyway, below are just a few Thai BL series that you might want to binge-watch as well. Let's start with what I already mentioned earlier.

 1. 2gether: The Series

The most talked-about Thai series in this coronavirus era, 2gether: The Series. The story tackles about two college students who fake date and end up falling for each other. It started when Tine was chased by a gay admirer and he can't seem to get rid of him. He then decided to ask the campus heartthrob, Sarawat, to pretend they're dating so the gay admirer could stop bothering him then eventually, just like any other love story, they fall in love with each other.

If you're not into this kind of genre but wanted to start watching I think this is the perfect series for you to start because it has a very light story compared to other BL series I'm about to share.

2. Lovely Writer The Series

Next would be the most recent one that I have finished. Lovely Writer is one of the series that made me stress so much because of all the kilig scenes that I can't watch straight or I might lose my breath. Hahaha! 

Anyway, it's about Gene, a successful novel writer, whose publisher suggests that he make another BL genre following his last successful one that was being produced into a series called "Bad Engineer The Series". Sitting through the audition for the cast of the series is where he met Nubsib. He is auditioning for the series and manages to snag the main role. Days follow, their paths get even closer because Nubsib manager is actually Gene's friend from college and asks him if his talent can stay in his condominium which leads both of them to live together. Their closeness started to get deeper and revelations, secrets, and jealousy also show as the story continues.

3. Dark Blue Kiss

Pete and Kao, the main characters are already a couple here. Well, if you want a background of how Pete and Kao's story started, you might want to watch "Kiss Me Again" first. The story of the series revolves around the struggles they're facing in their relationship as Kao is not yet ready to tell their friends and his single mother about his relationship with Pete. While Pete, on the other hand, is having a hard time controlling his emotion over his jealousy of the people around Kao. 

By the way, there is also another love interest here, Sun, who is a coffee shop owner who falls in love with his brother's friend, Mork, whom he hired to be his assistant in his coffee shop. 

4. Sotus: The Series

SOTUS is the acronym for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, and Spirit. It's a system in all freshmen engineer students must undergo. I think it is somewhat similar to our ROTC here in the Philippines if you know what I mean. Anyway, it's about a senior named Arthit and the freshman Kongpob who didn't get along together at first because Kongpob either complain or resist against Arthit's command for anything over the freshmen.

Well, according to some OG BL fans, this is one of the series from a boy's love drama that you shouldn't miss. Actually, due to its popularity, a second season titled Sotus S: The Series was released after the success of the first one. 

5. He's Coming To Me

Mes is a lonely ghost living in the cemetery. For a very long time living alone, he keeps on waiting for someone to visit him so he can reincarnate but no one ever comes until he meets a strange boy named Thun, who can actually see him. They develop a bond eventually and started to gradually become friends.

The two of them see each other every year during the festival until one day, Thun didn't come anymore as he had to move. A few years have passed, Thun, already a university student visits his friend again. He then confesses that Mes was killed and didn't die from any disease. Thun then decided to help Mes know the reason behind the murder so he took Mes to his place so they can solve the mysterious death together. As they try to solve the case, they find themselves falling in love with each other despite knowing that they must be apart one day.

What I like about BL drama/series is how we can connect better to the LGBT community and understand those people who still looking for the right time to tell the world about their sexuality. This genre is actually an eye-opener for us about their feelings.

6. I Told Sunset About You

Many OG BL series fans will definitely agree that this series is without a doubt the best Thai BL series so far. Let me start with the cinematography of this show, it is beyond words. You just have to see it yourself. I myself would like to visit the location site, actually. Then there is the OST and music which you might end up listening to in a loop.

The series only has five episodes but each episode are filled with a great story, definitely a well-written one, amazing cinematography, and brilliant acting from the actors. Clearly, you know that they put a lot of work and effort to give us the best short series ever.

Anyway, before I make this to a review, the story is about two best friends from childhood, Teh and Oh-aew, until they become rivals because of a misunderstanding in the Chinese school play at school. Years later, they met again in a tutorial center and found out that they both wanted to do Communication Arts at the same university. They both reconcile after a while and started to have feelings towards each other. I guess the struggle of being a graduating student, pursuing a career, love, feelings, sexuality, and how they are accepted by family and friends are what makes this series really a hit for everyone.

By the way, it is one of the BL Series that made me cry so keep your tissues nearby because you might need them.

These are just a few of the BL series I already watched since I started to love this type of genre. I'll just share with you some more in the next one. Anyway, are you a BL fan? What are your favorites? Share it in the comment section below and I'll check it out.
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