I'll start my Turkiye blog by sharing with you how we got a Turkish visa. I'll try my best to remember what we did so you don't have to experience the inconvenience we went thru during the process of applying for a visa. I hope this blog can be a helpful guide for you to get your Turkish visa.

Thai BL Series You Should Binge-watch

in , by Rejoyce Canaynay, August 06, 2021

Let me breathe first. I think my heart will burst anytime because it's beating really fast as I watch this episode from this series I'm currently watching. Let me just exhale, relax, type something to calm myself before I press the play button again. Hahaha! I'm currently watching "Lovely Writer" if you're wondering and I'm actually almost done with it. Anyway, since I'm binge-watching a Boy Love series and I'm also trying to upload something on my blog why not just share with you the series I watched already. It's like hitting two birds with one stone, right?

Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel - Guest Room Tour

in , , , by Rejoyce Canaynay, November 19, 2019

As much as I wanted to publish a lot of my recent beauty purchases to review and to share my previous trip, I just can't because I still haven't finished a single entry to post. Hahaha! But anyway, I'm finally done with this one that I wrote a few months back.

Anyway, this 4D3N trip was a really short one because we had an afternoon flight going to Japan which I think a real waste of our first day. And since we also got a delayed flight that afternoon, we reach the airport around 7 in the evening. We had a Korean Barbeque buffet for dinner somewhere near the airport and then went straight to the hotel. It was really late when we reach the hotel and checked-in, so that was our first day, a total waste, to be honest.

Life Currently: Welcome January!

in , , by Rejoyce Canaynay, January 31, 2019

Telling my story.  Highlight. A catch-up of moments and little things captured and remembered.

Okay, let's start the year right. This first blog entry for 2019 would be a great start, I know it's quite a bit late for a good year start because it's the end of the month already but let's see if I could really keep up on how fast days go by and be consistent on posting monthly. Anyway, even before the year ends last year, I was already thinking of how am I going to be consistent with posting so I searched and found this kind of series. Life currently is a once-a-month series where you document what's happening in our lives currently, obviously.

2019 Self- Love Wishlist Goals

in , by Rejoyce Canaynay, December 31, 2018

2019 is fast approaching and I felt bad looking at my blog as I see fewer posts for this year. I rarely post anything and a lot of backlogs have left hanging on my draft box, I hope I could be more active for the coming year. Well, that could be one of my goals for 2019. Anyway, I'll try my best to be more consistent and hardworking on doing some blog entry but for now, let me end this year with my wishlist yearly post.